Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Our Wedding: Bride & Groom Portraits

I knowwww.. I know! So maybe I have been slacking just a bit
on our wedding recap but sharing vacations and delish new recipes wasn't all that bad now was it ? 
Anyyyway, now that no vacations are on the horizon really, let's jump right back into
our wedding day recap with some Bride & Groom portraits, yes? Yes!

Being a Bride was quite possibly one of the best feelings I've experienced to date.
From the proposal, to just being engaged, to wedding planning, to all of the celebrations along the way,
to the actual day of our wedding, the feeling was completely unparalleled and just flat out FUN.
I felt fabulous literally from head to my pedicured toes, had a great group of girls around me,
LOVED my dress, had Mom's diamond earrings in and felt like the epitome of a "Bride."
What was even more exciting was the fact that I was about to say "yes" to the boy
I had been dating since I was 16 years old and officially become his "Wife."

Dress // Alfred Angelo
Hair & Make Up // Beyouty by Brittany Moreau
Photographer // Thunderclap Photography

Bryan, on the other hand, woke up EXTREMELY sick on
the morning of our wedding. I'm talkin' coughing, sneezing, swollen eyes,
the whole frickin' shebang. He somehow managed to pull himself
together with the assistance of DayQuil and man did he turn out
to be one damn good lookin' groom.

Once we said "I do" and headed off onto the property of our gorgeous venue for photos, 
I thought I was going to want to rush through them,  knowing 
that we only had an hour before we had to rejoin our guests, but that was so not the case.
We took our sweet time and had so much fun, despite the standing in the ant nest incident. 
Thaaaat's correct. Bryan's first task as a husband was shaking down the 4 foot rosette train
of his wife's wedding dress. Weeeee! 
Mark & Leigh with Thunderclap Photography did such an awesome
job of capturing our Bride & Groom pictures. We have pretty dang near a hundred
of just the two of us but these were my absolute favorites. 
I can't believe September 1st will be our 6 month anniversary and I STILL
don't have any wedding canvases on our walls yet.

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  1. Love the pictures! You look gorgeous! Your right, being a bride is such a great feeling!! :)