Monday, August 4, 2014

The Perfect Green Juice

Anyone else having a particularly energetic Monday?!
Usually I'm draggin butt over here from the weekend but today I was bouncing all
over the place like a little glitter ball (you're welcome for the visual). 
It could be the extra large cup of coffee I poured myself this morning...
or cup numero dos that was poured hours later.
Orrr it could be the fact that I have jumped on the juicing/smoothie kick.
Allow me to FIRST give a huge thank you to one of my best friends, and one of the bridesmaids
in our wedding, Miss Shannon, and her fabulous boyfriend for this here Nutribullet.
We registered for this baby for our wedding and we L O V E it. 

You should also realize that the Nutribullet is not an actual "juicer." 
I use the phrase "juice" lightly because in actuality, it's really just a more nutritious smoothie.
The Nutribullet refers to itself as an "extractor" meaning that it extracts all of 
the nutrients from those pretty little fruits and veggies that you toss into it. 
It breaks down ingredients into their most absorptive state.
Juicers remove the pulp, which in turn is removing all of the fiber.
Fiber is good for you. Why would you remove the fiber?
Some people prefer juicing vs the Nutribullet and vice versa. 
This is strictly just my opinion and what works for me! 

That being said, these smoothies or juices have tons of benefits
which people are just starting to catch on to- such as boosting energy levels,
regulating bowels and reducing inflammation in the body just to name a few.

Here is one of my absolute favorite recipes: 


2 cups Spinach
1 cup pineapple chunks
1 frozen banana
1/2" Ginger Root (here's the extra BOOST!)

Fill to the top with water and blend those babies up!
Excuse me... EXTRACT :)

It will yield a very BRIGHT green juice and it actually tastes very
good, despite what onlooking husbands might believe. 

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