Saturday, August 30, 2014

Baby L Gender Reveal

Three parties.
One week.
Yes, yes that did happen. 

Remember THIS post ? If not, just know that I LOVE throwing parties.
If you give me a reason to celebrate, I will give you a party. It's just that simple, folks.
Well it just so happened that we had THREE reasons to celebrate within one week, 
so party we must! Times three. It started with Bryan's Mom's surprise 50th (HERE),
and then my sweet Pampered Chef's mini Baby Shower and theeeennn, two other
girls and myself decided to host Kyle and Lyndsey's gender reveal party.
Lyndsey was my college roommate and one of my best girlfriends. 
A few months ago she shared the big news with me and
we immediately started talking about gender reveal options. 
Knowing that I had done reveal cakes in the past, she asked that I do the honors
for Baby Landmann. SO. EXCITED. 
SO... if you have ever seen a gender reveal cake done (or braved doing one yourself!) 
you know the drill, the unknowing parents go in for their gender ultrasound and 
one of the nurses will let you know BOY or GIRL.. or Pistols or Pearls in Baby L's case.
 Just plain ol Pink Lemonade for Momma!
Should anyone ever need a gift idea for me - THIS.
This beverage boat from Pottery Barn is everything. I need one.
 Lyndsey and her hostesses (tall and small)
It's a....

So excited to meet this sweet little boy in 4 short months! 

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  1. Where did you find the pistol for the picture frame?! I've been looking for something close to make that frame everywhere. I even found that frame.