Monday, August 11, 2014

Weekend Happenins' and a Surprise 50th Birthday Party

Welcome back to another glorious work week!
I can not believe we're already into the second week of August. 
I LOVE August! Not only because its yours truly's birth month but we also
get to welcome preseason football into our evening schedules andddd...
it's Shark Weeeeeeek! 
Recall last year's post HERE if you feel the need to partake in the infamous
 "Shark Week Drinking Game."

This weekend we also celebrated my mother in law's 50th birthday.
With a milestone birthday like the big FIVE - OH, a blow out surprise party was only necessary.
So that we did! Although I had every intention of snapping photos that night, once guests
started to arrive it completely slipped my mind. Here were a few that were captured!
Please note, our fabulous guest of honor's face as she walked in the door.
About an hour or so into the party I realized I didn't even snap a photo
of the Sangria Bar that I set up. Judging by all of the missing mason jars
and the half full (optimism, people!) beverage dispensers of the sangria, 
I'd say it was a hit!

Another exciting weekend happening was Jake's early Saturday morning 
trip to the pet hospital. YES. So NOT fun. For being 7 1/2 years old, he's actually been quite healthy!
When we woke up early that morning to start tackling some pre-party errands, we noticed
that Jake must have licked his little back paws raw the night before. They were bright red
and we could tell he was in pain. We checked his paws and all around the paw pads
and couldn't find any cuts or bites so we knew it must be some type of a rash or allergic reaction.
One huge cone collar, a pack of antibacterial paw wipes, 3 different types of meds 
and a $300 vet bill later, our little boy is better and back to his happy tail wag.
Seriously though, it took us a hot minute to pull ourselves together after seeing
Jake in his newest accessory. He absolutely hates us.
Another Jake-related topic! We are 99.98% sure we have located Jake's little sister.
Would you just LOOK at it ?!
(Name that YouTube video)
They're like twins! Jake is a Jack Russell/Beagle (or a Jack-a-Bee) so
our neighbors were thrilled to finally know what breed their new pup was!
I foresee another puppy in the future very soon. 

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