Monday, September 24, 2012

Boat Day with Mom & Dad

Happy Happy MONDAY!
I should probably work on a new way of
starting my Monday morning posts because I
realize most people aren't as chipper as I am after the weekend.
I'll work on that!
I didn't get to bed until super late and had a very busy start to my day
which meant breakfast in the car again.. HOLLAHOLLAA!
I am 100% addicted to these Belvita breakfast things.
They taste like Teddy Grahams.
I don't feel that I need any further persuasion as to why you should also purchase them.
If you are thinking to yourself "What is on your body slob-kabob?" 
Calm down. It's actually not all that terrible. 
I only have 2 client meetings today and I have made
the transition to heels for those :) 
And the reason for the shrug is because 
Walked out of the house this morning to 75 degree weather!
Only kidding... but recall that I am a Florida girl
and we don't have an actual Fall or Winter so I will take
any excuse to bundle up. 
Even if I have to crank up my AC in the car 
to make that acceptable. 

Getting off topic!
So we took my parents on the boat out to New Smyrna yesterday!
My parents are always a good time so needless to say it was a great day.
No floating- we fished pretty much the whole time. 
Highlights of the day include:
Dad hooking a huge red fish that was thrashing
and jumping out of the water like something that would
be on the Discovery Channel (and then losing it).
Bryan's "photo of defeat" after losing a black tip shark
off of the gaff. What can I say? I capture every moment.
Mom flagging down a jet ski to tow us in- probably one
of the coolest people I have met in a while. 
Long story short- there was a problem with the gas line- blahblahblah
we had to get towed back. Bryan felt terrible having my parents there
(Mom didn't understand why until I explained that it was a guy thing..
in women terms, it would be like me going over to Bry's parent's house
to make Thanksgiving dinner and I set the turkey on fire. She immediately understood.)
And finally, a beautiful NSB sunset :)

Oh and let me leave you with a recipe!
I made skinny egg salad to bring on the boat yesterday for sandwiches.
No one knew it was skinny otherwise I think it would have gone
untouched. But no one noticed and it was delish.... and low-cal.
100 Calorie Sandwich Thins 
8 Peeled, Hard Boiled Eggs
4 Teaspoons Light Mayo
1/2 Teaspoon Dijon Mustard
Salt and Pepper to taste
Separate yolks from egg whites.
Discard 6 of the yolks.
Chop eggs and combine with mayo, Dijon mustard, salt and pepper.

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