Monday, September 17, 2012

Tailgate Treats and other Football Shenanigans

Happy Monday Friendsies!
Is everyone loving football as much as I am lately?
If not, I apologize for the obnoxious posts. 
Typically my enthusiasm only lasts about another week-ish.
Thursday we hosted a draft party at Brew.
I thought I was being cute and made my team name
"You Just Lost to a Girl" in hopes that
this would intimidate the boys, but
CBS Sports sucks and didn't tell me there was letter max
in team names, so 
"You Just Lost to a G" 
pops up on everyone's home screen.
My team is looking rough and I don't anticipate winning.

Friday at work was particularly exciting!
We had "Football Friday" in the office- Carrie's idea :)
We all sported our fave team and since
I wasn't creative enough to throw together a
Saints/Gators/Knights jersey of some sort,
I wore orange and blue.
We all gathered in the conference room again
(the conference room is becoming quite the party spot I tell you)
and everyone brought some type of a football-inspired treat.
Enter Pinterest
I made Football Cupcakes, 
which I have made before for Super Bowl
but shhh! They're still fun.
 <3 Compliments to Ash over at Life After the Aisle
for making the team toppers! yay :)
Here's most of the office gang:
I'mmm still getting used to looking at myself with brown hair. WHOA.

Saturday? EEEEEEE 1st HOME GAME!!!
I have said this before and I will say it again:
Bryan is a freak about tailgating.
I will still be in the bathroom straightening my hair
and he has already packed a cooler and loaded the truck with:
the tent
the cornhole
the chairs
the coolers
the grill
the beer
the food
the beer pong table
To top it off, he was actually prepared enough to
purchase a massive cart that transports all of this
madness, for that we may not look like idiots :) 
It is, at this point, clear that guys
don't prepare for game day quite like girls do.
Typical Boy Checklist:
Ladies are obviously more preoccupied with:
*My coozie (koozie? whatever..) is still on its way so I was sporting by TervisTumbler.
But how cuuuuttee are theeeeeeseee??
I ordered mine from The Blue Dandelion.
 I'm such a beer snob so mine will definitely be put to use over the next few months.

Anyway. I may have just turned 24 but don't be
fooled friends, I refuse to set up tailgate anywhere
else than right smack in between all of the craziness,
otherwise known as the student section. 
It's like Spring Break.
No, I am no longer a college student.
But yes, I do make a point to take off for a week in March
and I may or may not be somewhere on a beach 
consuming alcohol all day.
Until I have kids- I will be tailgating like one.
1. It's raininngg, its pouringggg..
YAYYYEEE! Yeah I don't do wet/muggy tailgates.
2. Speaking of tailgating like children. Look at these fools
that I call my friends. 
3. UCF beat FIU but not by a lot. I actually 
started to get a little nervous towards the end.
These boys better lock it up before the Mizzou game on the 29th.
4. The Chevron Dress! Kelley found this gem at TJMaxx
one day and text me immediately asking if I wanted
her to pick it up for me. Yes. I love it. 

That is all I have for you today :) 


  1. Obsesssssssssed with your gameday dress! I'll be tailgating on 9/29, except I'm super bummed the game is at NOON. Guess I'll be the drunk 27 year old at 10am in the memory mall. Ain't no shame

  2. Really random, but did you ever receive your coozies from the blue dandelion?