Saturday, September 22, 2012

Friday Purchases- New Makeup!

Let me just begin with how
noncompliant my skin is.
As of recently, I have been taking a lot of extra (and not-so-cheap)
steps to improve my skin.
Mom & Dad gave me a Clarisonic for Christmas and I swear by it.
So much better than using a washcloth- which studies have shown
Waaaaaahh :/ No thank you!
I have also been a MAC user since high school.
I loved the Studio Fix Pressed Powder and went through about
one compact every 5-6 weeks.
They typically run about $30 a pop which isn't very budget-friendly
but I have been justifying it for years because I loved the coverage.
Once I started seeing my esthetician, Vanessa, she practically
forbid me to continue using MAC. 
MAC is disgusting, it clogs your pores, blahblahblaaahh..
..I still didn't listen.
It's been a few months now and I FINALLY switched my
makeup up yesterday.
I walked into Ulta extremely open-minded and walked out with
Napoleon Perdis pre-foundation skin primer and foundation stick.
Let me fore-warn you:
I sat down with one of the make-up artists
(whom I loved by the way- turns out her daughter lived in
Ocala and she's a major wine-o so I handed her a card and told her to swing
into Brew and I'd buy her a glass!)
for the application process.
The whole time she was explaining how light and oil-free
everything was- even pointing out that the primer
was "Florida-proof." SOLD. 
Anyway back to the fore-warning!
Each product cost about $50 bucks.
BUT she informed me that both should last me about 4-5 MONTHS.
Months? You mean weeks? 
She nearly fell out of her chair when I told her how much
of my MAC compact I went through in a month,
which I firmly believe is due to the fact that it's such loose powder.
I kid you not, powder was flying everywhere anytime I applied makeup.
After laughing at me for attacking my makeup, she confirmed again:
4-5 months.

(as if dropping a hundo on makeup wasn't good enough)
I treated myself to my fave perfume-- I've been out! :/
I was so excited to get ready to go out last night
(we went downtown for Sushi & drinks for
a friend's birthday)
Bryan and I ended up back at Brew like the good bar-owners we are.

The night, in regards to my new face, went well.
But I ended up calling it a night kinda early (ie. home at 1 rather than 3)
so I could be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for football today!
Gator Dress: Columbia
Necklace: Bay Studio, Bealls Florida 
Shoes: Apt 9, Kohls 
Bag: Michael Kors
Look at Jake! He is super anti-social and didn't want to join
Mom and Dad for a fam photo =/
See yall Monday!

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