Friday, November 30, 2012

Tis the season: Best. Christmas. GIFs. Ever.

Weelllll, it's Friday again :)
Typically I would be using this time to refresh my makeup and head to happy hour
but Bryan is sick sick sick and I'm just feeling exhausted.
So no crazy Friday outing tonight!
Plus side?
Helloooo Christmas movies!

Like Hocus Pocus on Halloween, you know there are those routine Christmas movies
that you absolutely MUST watch or else it just doesn't feel like Christmas.

Let's start with Jingle All the Way
(currently watching)
Ohhh Ahh-nold.
In all of his glory.
Not sure what part of this movie is my favorite?
Quite possibly Arnold sliding down a slide into a ball pit
trying to squeeze a ball out of a toddler's mouth?
Or how about Ted's reindeer chasing him through the house?
Side note: Did you know the actor who played Ted was actually
murdered by his super crazy wife?? 
Annnddd back to the Holiday Spirit.

Home Alone
Besides Macaulay Culkin (what kind of name is that, really...?)
ultimately being arrested as a twenty-something, screw up,
he is actually a quite crafty 1o year old.
Who seriously knows how to rig something like this ? 

Aannddd then there's ELF.
Did Will Ferrell win some kind of an award for this movie?
He should have.
I don't think I can step on an escalator without
thinking of Buddy the ELF, or an elevator.

Bad Santa!
Ok not appropriate to watch over a cup of hot chocolate with
your niece and nephew but Billy Bob Thornton is ridiculously hilarious.
Mostly ridiculous.
And someone get this kid a tissue. For reaaalll.

A Christmas Story, another classic that warms my heart.
Can you believe I hadn't seen this movie until recently??
This kid would have still been legit awesome present-day.
And finally I got the leg lamp post- sorry I was preoccupied watching Bad Santa over the years. Oops!

How the Grinch Stole Christmas
I have always loved the original, but when the Jim Carrey version came out,
in looovvee! This is one of those movies I have on DVD that I can literally
watch over and over.
Was I the only one who thought Baby Grinch was the cutest thing
I want one.
And then again, all growed-up. 

Laaasstt but not least! Tim Allen in the Santa Clause :)
Hands down my favorite Christmas movie.
I remember watching this with my Dad like 4 Christmas Eves in a row.
This is one you have to watch once your older, like Mrs. Doubtfire,
so many missed-inappropriate comments.
ie. Johnny, naughty.
Veronica, very nice.
Remember Charlie?
Do yourselves a quick favor and google image him present day.

Ok! Well that was fun!
Happy weekend yall :)


  1. The grinch and home alone are two of my favorite Christmas movies! And don't feel bad about going out on a Friday. Me? I'm stuck painting.

  2. Haha so cute! Just found your blog and it is absolutely adorable :) I followed!