Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Inspiration: Hello Kitty Themed Party

We're only a feeeewww days away from March which means that
we're that much closer to *APRIL* which is Claire Baby's birthday month!
Claire turns 2 on April 4th and if you haven't already you can read her story HERE.
My sister-in-law decided to throw a joint party instead of having 3 separate ones which-
Awesome idea!
So not only will we be celebrating Claire's 2nd birthday but also one year of her
being cancer free and (wait, there's more!) a HOUSEWARMING
since my brother and sister in law close on their new home in a few weeks!

So for this edition of Oh How Pinteresting.. 
I'm obsessing over these Hello Kitty party ideas for Claire's birthday portion of the party. 
These cupcakes.
I can't even handle these.
I think we have 100% decided that this is the type of cupcake that I'll be making.
You know how I love working with fondant :)
Easy printable goodie bags.
These are SUCH a good idea! 
I've seen a few where you individually make each but
for time's sake- pop these babies in a printer and you're good to go!
Pink and White striped straws with
mini pink bow in cups for the kids. 
I love this princess banner. 
WILL be making this mmmmkk?!
I don't love the choice of flowers here-
I'm thinking more pink and white peonies.
The idea is super cute though- glass vases
but maybe fill the bottom with pink tissue paper?

Ok I could honestly go on and on... but let's be serious
too much Hello Kitty just gets ridiculous so we won't go 
overboard here! Go link up!! 
*note: Housewarming party inspiration and
"Yippy! Cancer Free" themed party ideas also on the way!


  1. Print on a paper bag! Who knew? Love it.. Where my Reese cupcake!

  2. I'm not a huge Hello Kitty person, but this is SO cute!!