Monday, November 19, 2012

Southern "Tailgate" Bridal Shower

When I said "Bridal shower recap post coming shortly,"
you didn't think I meant this soon did you ?
Well, surprise!

I was hoping to have more pictures of Mandy's
bridal shower this past weekend from her sister's wonderful
camera- BUT- all you get for now are Instagrammed-iPhone photos.
So sorry :/
I was contemplating asking Santy-Clause for a nice, new professional camera
buuuuuuutttt that quickly worked its way to the bottom among
other wants :)

First, let me set the scene a little.
When we first started planning her shower, we were having a hard
time on setting a theme/color scheme. 
Her wedding colors are navy and lime green and just an FYI:
it usually isn't standard to use the same color scheme as the wedding for the shower.
Lime green and navy is just very "Mandy," so we wanted to have a fitting shower
but minus, well.... the navy and lime.
So Mandy and her fiance Thomas both went to Florida and
loovveee them some Gator football.
We decided to go with a classy "southern style" Gator-themed shower.
Yard games, orange, navy, burlap and details!

Here is the adorrrrable table setup.
Mandy's little sister managed to round up some old pics of the bride-
some of which were with me from cheerleading in middle school that were HORRIFIC
and Katy did such a good job on the banner bunting! 
Very "cute tailgate-ish!" 
We had the most amazing pulled pork sandwiches, orzo pasta, brown sugar bacon
and a few other delish side dishes... and of course dessert!
Dark chocolate and french vanilla buttercream cupcakes, cake pops and Key Lime piieee!
For drinks we spiced things up a tad with a sangria... IN LOVE...
we served a white and a red with fruit options and some sweet teas. Given.

I'll post some more pics of the details when I get them from her sister, 
but I wanted to share these asap :)

Here's a shot with Mandy and her bridesmaids!
Me, Keelen (Thomas's sister), Alex (Mandy's sister), Mandy *BRIDE, YAY!*
Caitlin (Mandy's sister), Katy, Jennifer and Amanda.

The bachelorette party destination is still up in the air...
Charleston?? Charlotte? Key West? New Orleans??
We're planning on the first week in Feb so wherever these shenanigans are taking place,
we need to get crackin so we can start ordering penis straws and 
other appropriate accessories. 

I still can't believe we're 24 years old and Mandy is getting married.
I honestly feel like riding 4 wheelers out at her Dad's farm, sneaking out of my house,
getting in trouble in Miss Johnson's English class, or going to our first Gator game tailgaite-
wasn't all THAT LONG AGO...
PSA: It totally was. 

Anywayyyyyy, not trying to drag on with a tear fest but I'm SO 
happy for this girl and can't wait to stand by her side on her wedding day.
Congrats Mandy Lu! Love you times a million, girlfriend! :)

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  1. That sangria bar is amazing! Definitely stealing that cuute!

  2. Completely obsessed with this theme, those gator cocktail napkins are TDF - do you know where you guys purchased those?

    1. My girlfriend Katy brought them! I think she got them from a little boutique in Ocala- such a rare find right?? I'll keep an eye out!

  3. Seems like everyone is having great time.

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