Monday, October 21, 2013

50 Shades of Gray

Said no one. Ever. 
On a happier note, we're all pretty much unpacked and ready for the fun to begin..
decoratingggg WEEEE!
On our Lowe's trip a few weekends ago, we were checking out some different
options for pavers in our backyard and naturally I was drawn to the walls and walls
of brightly colored paint samples, so down that aisle I went. 
^ If that doesn't make you gravitate towards it something may be wrong with you.. ^
We decided to go with a gray for our bedroom.. we'll tackle the
other rooms later but moving in with the current color of OLIVE 
in the master was simply not an option. 
Seriously how stressful is olive??
Not a fan.
So gray. When they say fifty shades of gray, they ain't kiddin.
About 30 samples of gray and 2 trips to the paint store later, we finally settled on a color. 
I also may have left out the two petty paint fights via text message. 
Word to the wise for any men out there who are considering assisting in the paint process:
the phrase "JUST PICK ONE!" should never come out of your mouth. 
Just pick one? 
I'm looking at a gazillion frickin shades of gray here to the point where I feel
like I'm going cross-eyed and most of them are starting to look purple. 
And if our walls end of purple? Game over.
Second piece of advice: sample swatches. Lots.
Also be super excited about the swatches that you have gathered and take an obligatory selfie.
You're about to commit to slapping one particular
color all over your bedroom walls- where you will wake up every morning,
where you will go to bed every evening, where you will down glasses of wine
while in bed watching Disney movies.
Pick a good solid color for your bedroom, if nothing else, for crying out loud.

Here are some rooms I found on Pinterest for inspiration..
We decided to go with Valspar's Woodland Colonial Gray.
Perfection :)
I LOVE the way it pops with the white!
That's the only room shot you get at the moment since my bedroom is
in minor disarray and I am DESPERATELY in need of a new duvet cover...
Barbara Barry, I can't wait to have your fabulous pattern
spread ALLLLL over our king bed :):) 

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  1. Our entire house is different shades of grey, besides the bedrooms. I LOVE it. Goes with everything and it is much more modern then the tans everyone seems to use, or has used in the past. Great choices:)