Saturday, October 19, 2013

Moroccan Themed Baby Shower

Saturday morning, I just love you.
I honestly can't remember the last Saturday that I slept
in past 7 AM. However, thanks to my internal alarm clock I 
couldn't go back to sleep after my eyes shot open at 7:45. Yayyyyy!
So today has already consisted of a solo Pumpkin Spice date, Halloween crafting,
food prep for a super delish fall treat (post tomorrow) annndddd now I bring to you
a catch-up post from Jen's Baby Shower for sweet Mikaela that was held a few weekends ago.

Jen is a little planner herself! A few years back she traded in her Anatomy & 
Physiology books for fabulous little wedding notebooks and Swarovski bedazzled pens and
said hello to the wedding planning World. She's helping with my own wedding and
"on her A-game" is a major understatement. So when it came time for HER baby shower
she kind of took the reigns and her girls had to start jumping in and asking for tasks.
Bottom line, it turned out fabulous. 
Operation Moroccan-themed Baby Shower? Check, Check, Checkkk!
No wedding planner organizes an event without Chiavaris.. 
Festive Linens
Donut Hole Skewers
Bath Salt Favors
Mimosa Bar: Because no function before 3PM 
is complete without one
Popcorn Bar
Amaretto cake with glitter truffles and Red Velvet cupcakes

Now can we talk about this little peanut's nursery??
I am a SUCKERRRR for pink and grey. So feminine and adorable!
The crib was compliments of Jen's co-workers and the little DIY-Queen
herself did the framed "M."
Crystalynn and I wanted in the crib. Standard...

The SWEETEST little baby booties you ever did see!
 MK "Diaper Bag"
We're ready for Babyyyy!
Jen and her work girls

It was such a sweet shower and I can NOT wait to meet this little Princess.
Come onnnnn Mikaela! 


  1. WHAT a fantastic theme! I love everything about it! I feel like a slacker. I've accomplished nothing as far as crafting in the past few weeks. My weekends are always crazy busy! Can't WAIT to have one to myself!