Friday, October 25, 2013

DIY Candy Corn Wine Bottles

I know... more Fall crafting... you're over it.
This week is the first week it ACTUALLY feels like Fall in Florida
so I couldn't resist a super quick DIY.
 Candy Corn painted wine bottles!

You will need:
- 3 Empty bottles of Wine
..that you likely finished the week prior.
- White, Orange and Yellow Krylon spray paint
- Twine
- A gazillion layers of news and scrap paper so that your
significant other doesn't come running out of the house screaming that
you're getting orange spray paint ALL over your new patio set...
- And finally, a delish bottle of some form of Pumkin beer because
Fall crafts just aren't any fun without one

Start by painting the entire wine bottle white- top to bottom.
Allow the white to dry then do the same with the orange but
starting just below the neck of the bottle.
This was where I literally had to google the order of the color
for candy corn... please advise, WHITE, ORANGE, YELLOW.
Don't be that person with their candy corn wine bottles out of sequence.
Once the orange has dried, finish spraying the bottom of the bottle
with the yellow. Once everything is all dried, twine those babies up!

So easy and SO stinkin cute.
Happy Friday friends!

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  1. How fabulous are these! I miss those days when I had the time to do stuff like this!