Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday Letters

Particularly excited about this weekend
(and my first Friday Letters link up with Ashley...)
and I maayy or may not have had 2 SF Red Bulls today WOOPS =/
Not even going to lie- I was draggin butt this morning after 
a  Thursday 5:30 tailgate session 
(I feel like all I blog about is tailgating..
I swear I do other things in life.)
and a late night game watchin my boys whoop up on East Carolina.

But back to the letters! Ok let's do thissssss..

Dear Friday, Hello  friend. We meet again. Smooch. 

Dear Cop at the Front of my Neighborhood, after seeing End of Watch,
 I must say you are NOT a bad ass. You should be ashamed of
yourself for sitting at a perfectly friendly (and gated) community waiting
for residents to go 1 mph over the posted speed limit of 25.
Go fight crime you moron.
Dear Jason Aldean, Perhaps I am several days behind but 
Hearing about one of your fave country singers cheating on 
his HS sweetheart is a tad depressing...
and just un-American quite frankly. It appears that you were ready
to ride more than just that Chevy, eh? 
Dear Online Shopping, you are ruining my lifffeeeee. 
And productivity.
I am talking to you, Groop Dealz.
Dear, thank you for making my Thursday evening
amusing. Even though Mom didn't appreciate it. I did. :)
Dear Bank Account, I know if you had a face- you would be making
and unhappy one at the moment. I apologize for
the abuse and the recent unnecessary purchases. 
It will be over soon.
Dear Pumpkin Spice Cupcake ingredients, I know you are just
sitting in my pantry waiting patiently. Don't worry- I will make you soon.
I shhweaaarrr.
Dear Boyfriend, thank you for taking me shopping and out to a fabulous
dinner this past Wednesday, despite the fact that it was National Boyfriend Day. 
You, my dear, are self-less. And for that I love you. =)

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See you bright & early Monday!

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  1. I somehow managed to miss the Jason Aldean news. :(
    And how sweet that your boyfriend took you shopping & to dinner - you are one lucky girl!