Monday, October 8, 2012

Oh, October

Ohhhh October is right.
We are oooficially into our second week in October and I'm not
feeling any less anxious :/ 
My girlfran Ash over at Life After the Aisle dedicated a post
to "countdowns," which I thought was cute so 
let's take a look at what is on my plate for October!
Yes, that says Lynyrd Skynyrd on the 26th.
Needless to say there's a ton going on here.
It's semi-exhausting just looking at it!

Also if you're curious as to why this blog is titled
"Corin Bakes"
because all I have been blogging about lately is Fall festivities
and weekend escapades- hang tight, friends!
I have been ripping my hair out super busy and
my time in the kitchen, or lack there of, has been slim.
look how much baking I will be doing over the course of October!
My breast cancer fundraiser event?? BAKING!
Work Pinterest party?? BAKING!
And I promise I will dedicate an entire post to Pumpkin Spice :)
So like I said- hang tight! I promise I will have more treats and recipes posts!

In the meannnn timmmeeee-
(is it annoying that I constantly drag out letters? I think so.)
it's time for the Weekend Update link up!
Friday we saw Taken 2, which was awesome.
I'm sorry but, Liam Neeson is a badass.
I wanted to see Frankenweenie :/
but Bryan refused. Saturday we headed back to Lake Weir
to watch the Gator game! We met up with my best friend
AND HER NEW BOYFRIEND- which just so happens
to be Bryan's bestfriend
at her brother's lake house. After cruising on the lake for a bit
we ended up at Ron Zook's lake house (long story..)
to watch the end of the game. Watching the Gators
win over LSU at Ron Zook's was a rather exciting story to tell, I would say!
Fun Fact: He drinks Natural Light.
Oh and horray for a SEMINOLE LOSS.
They have been overrated since Day One.
Gators are now ranked #4 BOOM.
Sunday Bry & Chris went fishin
so Tiffany & I went to brunch and shopped.
*Please note: Bryan does look like he's movin in for a smooch
in that last picture- but he is ACTUALLY trying to hide
his shaved face. 
He did that Friday afternoon and I don't want to talk about it.
I love a little facial hair and he went man-scaping crazy.
Ugghhhhh. :/

Anyway, gggoo link up & have a fab Monday! 

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  1. Cute blog! I like the calendar of events you made! Hope you follow back!