Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wednesday WHOOOOP!

Hi frans!
Staying busy this week?? I am! I feel like I have a million and one things to do.
No really, if I counted everything I had to do this week I believe it would
equate to 1,000,001. 
Yesterday we took kayaks out on the river. 
Needless to say my arms feel like that of Jello today. :/
I *MUST* say though, although Bryan won't admit this,
I was a badass on that kayak. Don't let my pink coverup and stylish attire fool you ;)
And the boys looked more like this.. 
Wekiva River is gorgeous.
On a Tuesday at 4PM.
Should you stop by on a weekend at noon, 
you will likely be swimming in urine surrounded by
not so clean people? Shall I say?
You get where I'm going with that.
After all, it is free. 
Moving along!
Today I'm linking up for What I'm Lovin Wednesday!
(I am a linkin-up fool lately)

Let me begin with what I'm lovin most OBSESSING OVER:
It's baaaacckkk!
I can. not. wait. for season 2!
My favorite part of the entire show is that for most of the dialect going on-
A&E has graciously provided subtitles so we know what in God's name
Sy is saying. 
Sadly, I will be recording the first episode.
Bry and I need to make an appearance in Ocala
YET AGAIN, I know..
for Chris's birthday dinner. 

Also loving my new apothecary jars!
Clearly they are candy-corn-filled at the moment to match
my Halloween kitchen decor but I have seen SO
many cute decorating ideas on Pinterest for them.
It was only a matter of time before they were mine. :)

Annnndddd these Halloween treats :):)
If you haven't noticed from my October calendar 
So I'm comin' up with a game plan on my dessert table.
Because clearly that's the only reason I agreed to
have costumed-maniacs messing up my house.
Kidding. Kind of. 

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  1. how pretty!! I am going to have to check that out on a Tuesday at 4 haha =) but definitely NOT on the weekend - yuck!