Tuesday, October 2, 2012

More Tailgating & a BEAUTIFUL Lake Baby Shower!

Hello Sugars! =)
Hope everyone else's weekend was FAB- miiiine waaass.
I'm in Ocala for meetings today and although it's a cram packed day-
it's still good to be home. 
I still had time to stop at Starbucks and by 8AM this morning, I had seen it all.
Let me elaborate...
First I witnessed a normal looking man
(and when I say normal I actually mean not homeless)
be woken up by a police officer and then given a trespass warning
Next! I eavesdropped overheard the person to my left
calling in regards to an apartment listed for rent to check on the animal policy.
They had 8 cats. Gross.
Thennnnnn (I'm not done yet...) I'm quite positive
the couple to my right has a "daily affirmation" routine.
They were both in their 40's and must have just gotten married.
For about 20 minutes I had to listen to
"I love you because...." Okay we get it.

So lemme me just throw a few pictures out there to wrap the weekend up:
1. 7:30 AM: Bryan, being a team player per usual.
2. 8:00 AM: Tailgate set up and I'm ready for some breakfast, please and thank you.
3. 8:30 AM: It appears that the boys are also ready for breakfast.
4. 8:45 AM: Couple Mimosas in & keeping it classy :):)

Also, did I mention I hate noon games?
It was hotter than ALL HELL and the boys were forced to
double fist while walking into the game:
We played Missouri (newly an SEC team) and it was a little
embarassing how empty the game was.
Perhaps the heat index and 110 degree weather had something to do with that?

Despite the ridiculous temperate- Love Love LOVE this Man! ;)
Note to self: Refrain from wearing bib necklaces
while sitting in the sun. Sincerely, your Tan-Lined Chest

Sunday I headed back to Ocala for April's Baby Shower!
And... You know you're in Ocala when you pass this:
(April has done my hair since I was in high school and my Mom
still gets her hair done at her salon)
Mom & I bought a play mat and I made this little beaut, which I anticipate being hung
on baby Sayde Grace's door:
Oh and then I got a little carried away with the wrapping. :)

So April's shower was hosted at Sandy's house, a family friend,
who lives on beautiful Lake Weir.

Are you ready to be blown away by pink cuteness?
Oookkaayy then!
1. ADORABLE garden flag and you all know how much I love tissue balls.
2. Cannolis!!!! I need to learn how to make these stat before I disappointing my
nationality :/
3. Loved this little dessert setup.
4. The "Betty Cake" Cake :) Most delicious cakes in the World
but Mom refuses to go back after ordering my UCF cake for graduation- which
came out Brown and Orange rather than Black and Gold.
Ohhhhh yes that happened.
1. It's not a party unless you have mason jars and Etsy straws. No, really.
2. Cutest favor idea! Bath & Body Works Mini Handy Sanis
3. Outside table setup on the beautiful back porch.
4. Diaper cakes are always a hit at a Baby Shower... but
there's just something about GIRL diaper cakes. :) Adorable..

Wrapped up the shower with our toes in the sand...

Then I spent the rest of the afternoon with my favorite Baby :)
My sweet, little niece Claire

Read Claire's story Here

Before we left my brother and sister-in-law's house,
Ashley had Claire model her Halloween costume on for us.
I won't share a pic of her full costume yet, but here's a sneak
peek of the little peanut:

Enjoy y'all's week! 

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  1. I just told corey I wish he was a team player like Bryan!!!