Monday, October 22, 2012

We Just Don't Stop...

I have come to the conclusion that Bryan and I simply
Do. Not. Stop.
We are CONSTANTLY on the go.
And quite frankly, that is the way we like it. 
We have a gorgeous home but only choose to stay in..
..ohh?? Maybe 2 nights a week?

Friday I had a totally cray day at work then
we hit the road for Ocala at almost 5 o'clock on the dot.
Friday night we had the traditional
"night before the tournament"
dinner at Mark's Steakhouse with Chris & Tiff.
Best steak ever.
Thennnn for a night out in Ocala!
Oh, how I love going back home :)
It is near impossible to be walking around the square 
downtown without seeing ten people you went to 
High School with- including but not limited to:
ex-boyfriends, high school football coaches, friends
whom you may or may not have had a falling out with.
Then there's the standard:
"WHEN are y'all getting married???"
Shut. Up.
Ohhh, always an exciting time :/
Then this happened:
We may have had several glasses of champagne at dinner.
I'm not sure. 

6AM on Saturday came REAL quick.
Well, clearly after that last little snippet of pictures...
We were on our way to Golden Ocala by 7 to
kick off the 4th Annual Rob McCoy Foundation Golf Tournament.
To reiterate, Rob was Bryan's best friend who was killed
by a drunk driver back in 2008 at the Florida/Georgia game.
We miss Rob everyday and my heart still goes out to his family.
All proceeds from the golf tournament go to scholarships
and the Boys & Girls club of Ocala. 
It's a huge turn out every year and it's so encouraging 
that all of the boys come together  this time of year to make it successful.
For Rob. 
It couldn't have been a prettier day for a golf tournament:
The boys who make it possible :)
How B.A. are the new Under Armour golf polos??

Saturday also ended up being a
fabulous day in college football.
A win for the Gators
(South Carolina has also been overrated since Day One)
AND another win for UCF! :):)

Then Sunday morning we headed to Tampa
to watch my Saints take on the Bucs for a 1 o'clock game!
The entire group we went with was super irritated
that Shannon and I were sporting Saints gear ;)
Bryan and I are clearly a couple divided :/
Are view wasn't too shabby either!
We just grabbed cheap tickets at sat at the pirate ship
bar in the end zone. 
It was the Bucs' throw back game, hence
all of the orange and the old school pirate mascot.
The Saints won after the Bucs caught a TD pass
For those uneducated football fans,
in layman's terms,
that pass would be considered NO GOOD. :)

So that about wraps up my weekend!
Oh oh ooohhhhh. And I finally decorated my front yard!

I can't *WAIT* to have sweet little trick or treaters this year!!
Last year was a little depressing, I decorated per usual,
only to have 3 rude little boys pound on my door  in wife
beaters, holding out their pillow cases.
No candy for you. You look like this everyday.

Re-Cap on the Breast Cancer fundraiser party coming soon!!


  1. aaha love the last part. I agree if they are not dressed up they do not deserve candy ;)

  2. WEll you look like you had a fun jammed packed weekend!

    I love staying busy it makes everything more exciting! Sunday foot ball games are the best!

    followed you