Friday, October 26, 2012

Halloween Treat Countdown: 6 Days [spooky oreo spiders]

Well people..6 Days until Halloween! 
I decided to do these posts because there were
waaayyy too many cutie Halloween treats
on Pinterest and I didn't want to have a mental
breakdown and do them all at once.
Sounds good?
I thought so! :) 

First Up:

You will need:

1. Melt chocolate candies in microwave for
30 seconds. Add vegetable oil to smooth the texture if needed.
2. Drop individual Oreo cookies in melted chocolate.
3. Place chocolate covered Oreos in freezer for 3 minutes.
4. Cut licorice Twizzlers into half, then slice them down
the middle again.
5. Arrange sliced Twizzlers as "legs" around
the chocolate covered Oreos.

These were verrrrrrry easy. 
As a matter of fact I was sitting in my office
last night thinking about what I needed to go buy from the store
and realized I already had all the ingredients 
for these little treats.
Win Win, yes??!
(Yes I actually did have licorice Twizzlers in my pantry.
They were from the Angry Bird cupcakes I did forever ago.
And yes I will suggest not actually eating those.)

Short and week frans! See yall tomorrow!

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