Monday, October 15, 2012

Weekend, where did you go?

Does anyone else also feel that our weekends 
should consist of 3 days rather than 2?
All in for a 4-day work week say AYYYEEE?! 
I was planning on a Friday post but I may or may not have had
a mini melt down session due to streeessssss OOPSS.
But anyway welcome back Monday 
anddddd a quick Weekend Update recap with Sami!
Thursday (because I'm still at the point
in my life where the weekend technically starts on Thursday)
we went to the 1st pre-season Magic game.
I am less than thrilled for this season.
I blame you, Dwight Howard.
I am also a little annoyed that I paid $90 for your pink jersey
that was fun for all of ONE season. 

Friday night consisted of cleaning and a well-overdue
night in watching movies. Going out was not an option after the Friday that I had :/

Saturday! Tailgating! Surprised??
I'm running out of game day outfits so I literally bought a little black
UCF dress last minute. I plan on recreating it.
I think yes. 

Sunday was another boat day. Probably the last for a while. 
I curse Florida for lacking an actual FALL or WINTER- but I must say
I don't hate still being able to jump in the water in mid-October :)
And of course we brought Jake.
He was well-behaved until Morgan & the boys started catchin fish.
Then it was back to him attempting to launch himself overboard. 
This is when we took advantage of the fact that he has handles. 
Little Bubbbyyyy! :) 
He looks a little sad, yess?? 

Before you go! I had to share these awesome little cookies
from Bridget over at Bake at 350!
Bride of Frankenstein how cuuuuttteeee are theseeee??!
She is extremely talented and has an amazing skill set for cookie details. 

On another fun October note, my Bunco Fundraiser is this Thursday!
That means I only have 3 days to figure out how to actually play.
hashtag callgrandma.

Wednesday October 24th I'll be starting an obnoxious
"Countdown to Halloween" baking session. 
There are just way too many things on Pinterest that I neeeeed to try!

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  1. Youre so lucky you have warm weather and can get a tan! Its so cold in Chicago!