Monday, February 18, 2013

Wedding Weekend Shenanigans

Ello lovers!
Are yall getting tired of the "Wedding Weekend" title??
Well the good news is there's only 3 more!
The bad news is you're going to have to sit through another recap post. :)

Friday was a ROUGH work day considering my work bag
(including my lap top)
was stolen last week. I know. I kind of have the worst luck!
So after a cruel day of my phone blowing up,
Bry, myself & Jakey baby loaded up in the truck to head back home
for Lyndsey & Kyle's wedding weekend. 

First up, the Friday night rehearsal dinner:
(I'm stealing some of your pictures Stace!)
The fabulous soon to be Mr. & Mrs. Landmann!
Before you even ask!
Dress is from Love Culture. Literally $25 bucks.
My mom would be so irritated if she knew I was still saying that.
I have the WORST habit of not being able to just accept a damn compliment.
Girlfriend says: "Cute dress!"
Corin says: "Girl, it was SO CHEAP! Love Culture in the Outlet
mall. Only $25! Go get you one!" 
Too much information. What if they don't want to buy their own?
What if they just want to borrow yours?
What if they hate it and they're just trying to be nice?
Let's try this again.
Girlfriends says: "Cute dress!"
Your response: "Thanks!" 
Boom. Done. Move on.

That shall be a work in progress! 

On to wedding day:
How BEAUTIFUL is this dress?!
1. Monogram cocktail napkins of course. 
2. The cake was absolutely adorable! Annndddd delish.
3. Tree stump table numbers.
4. A piece of the reception spread which does NOT do it justice.

Meanwhile on the dance floor.... 
Colton was breaking it down to Thunderstruck.
These girrrlllllsss.. 

And then a few post-wedding shots with our fabulous bride
One of our friends from high school 
was Kyle & Lyndsey's photographer and I can't express enough
how amazing these are going to turn out... 
But what would all of the excitement be without a teaser ? 

Alright folks that's all I got! 
That was a fun distraction but IN THE MEANTIME-
my wisdom teeth are coming in and oucccchhhhhhhhhh.
I'm about to extract Mr. bottom right side MYSELF. 
Clearly looking forward to this week's trip to the dentist.
Said nobody ever.


  1. Love your $25 dress! I do the same thing - I immediately respond with how someone can get the same thing. We just want everyone to get a good deal, ha! Gorgeous bride! Happy Monday!

  2. Gorgeous pictures looks like a fab wedding!!!
    Hope the dentist trip isn't to bad!!!


  3. That dress is absolutely stunning! And I adore all the little details to this wedding how fun!
    xo TJ