Thursday, February 21, 2013

Burgers 'n Beer & Lilly P

Good Lord- are you over my food posts yet??
Sowwiieeee I'm just so ridiculously proud of NIGHT #3 of dinner at home.
On last night's menu was good ol' fashioned burgers n beer!
Served on none other than a Lilly Pulitzer plate. Duhhhhh.
There was a sale on all the Lilly party stuff at a boutique around the corner
so naturally I purchased a bunch of that shizzzz. 

Speaking of Lilly...
I know I touched a tad on some spring shopping things
that were at the top of my list yesterday but that was fun right??
So you won't complain if I do it again, right?- Spring Wants: Dress Edition ? 
The "Delia" Dress
The "Pearl" Dress
The "Cassie" Dress

Ok I'll stop overwhelming you with $300+ dresses
which, in itself, is a tad depressing.

I'm off to partake in a Groupon date night!
You have gotttt to love the Groupon "Now" deals! 
Happy Friday Eve fraansss!

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