Sunday, February 3, 2013

Pretty Little Shower

Happy Super Bowl Sunday, loveys!
Yes, I do have time for a quick Bridal Shower recap post while
my industrial size pan of pasta salad is cooling and
 my sweet and sour meatballs cook in the crock pot.

Yesterday was Lyndsey's shower which was thrown by 
her aunt and cousin. Uhhhhdorable.
Check out her Bachelorette post HERE.
Brace yourselves for a photo dump.

First stop: Mimosa please!
The food spread
(I do always love me a cucumber sammich)
The Betty Cake 
Despite my traumatizing experience
with this bakery, I just can't stay away.
Even though their staff's intelligence is questionable,
they really are the best in town.
Moving on!
Precious Chalk Board
Not sure if these candle sticks were suppose
to be part of the spread but I. NEED. THEM.
Britt and I with our Bride
And then of course, all the ladies
In other news, my girlfriend's toddler has cuter shoes than I do:
Ridiculous, right?!
Rowan is clearly a fabulous, fashion-forward toddler with these MK boots.
Meanwhile I am rocking 2 year old boots from TJ Maxx.
God, get it together, Corin. 

Ok back to Super Bowl preparation!

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