Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday Social: VDAY!

Happy Sunday night to all you sweet cheeks!
Can I just say.. holy friggin BRRRRR.
Last week it's mid-70s and this weekend we're down to the 30s?
I mean really Florida. Make up your mind.
Anywaaayyyy- doing my FIRST Sunday Social link up with 
Miss Neely at A Complete Waste of Makeup.. 
Topic?! Valentine's Day!

1. Best Valentine's Day you've ever had: 
Well, EVERY Valentine's Day over the past 8 years has been amazing but if I had to choose, and for the sake of this link up- I do, I would say V-Day 2011.
Bry bought us last minute (literally) plane tickets to New York City and
we spent Valentine's night in the cittaaayyy! Seriously. Best ever.
As if the trip alone wasn't enough, we also spent a grand total of $60 on 6
chocolate covered strawberries at the Godiva shop on Times Square. 
Did I mention we waited for over an hour ? 
Honestly, Corin, please be more of a brat...

2. Worst Valentine's Day you've ever had: 
Ouch. Ok! So in 6th grade I was a tadddd obsessed with a 7th grader
(an older man- ballsy, I know)
so I got sucked into buying one of those $2 candy grams that they deliver
to classrooms on Valentine's Day and of course, sent one to my little 7th grade crush. 
Well not only did I not receive one back, but he sent one to one of my best friends!
I mean dang. Talk about a Mean Girls moment. 

3. What did you do for Valentine's Day this year:
Grabbed a couple of our favorite brews at Taps
Caught a great movie
and finished off the evening with a few glasses of wine and some delish steaks at Ruth's Chris.  
4. Best Valentine's idea if you're single:
Girlfriends. Lots of candy. Possibly tequila ? 

5. Favorite Valentine's Candy:
Dove chocolate. Ugggghhhhh I lovvveee.
I have such an unhealthy obsession with chocolate and apparently they're on to me.
6. Favorite Valentine's memory from your childhood:
Not to snag this one from our lovely hostess, Neely, but
honestly my Mom went all out for my brother and I on Valentine's Day.
Breakfast in bed, roses and always tons of sweets. 
I actually blame Mom for my expectation of waking up Valentine's Day
morning with SOME sort of a surprise. Sorry babe!

So kick back, relax, turn on some RHOA and go link up!

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