Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Super Bowl Weekend & Commercial Faves

Fun Fact:
A little under 1.5 million people called into work yesterday.
Another 4.4 million were late.
If that doesn't convince you that the day after Super Bowl should
be a national holiday then I don't know what will. 
Fun Fact II:
I did not fall into either of those two categories yesterday morning.
Ohhhhh no, no, no.
Someone had to schedule an 8:00AM appointment!
Ridiculous. I know.
Fun Fact III:
I am neither a Ravens nor a San Fran fan.
(say that five times fast ha!)
So really last night's highlights consisted of Beyonce's saucy half-time performance, 
trying to determine which Harbaugh brother was hotter
and Hello? The commercials. 

The Budweiser clydesdale commercial.
Ok. Talk about tugging on my heart strings!
I mean, if this commercial didn't make you tear up,
you're just not human.
Plus the guy wasn't half bad lookin either!

Crackin Gangnam Style
Pistachios. Doing Gangnam Style.
Am I on acid ?
Pretty sure everyone around me had the facial expression
"No, they did not."
Oh yes, they did.

God Made a Farmer
Well friends, in case you weren't aware of how
awesome the farmers of America are, Ram has graced us with 
a commercial that depicts exactly that.
It's message was moving.
It's contents were long.
Like 2 minutes long.

Calvin Klein Underwear
Soooooo.. the Calvin Klein commercial.
How could I not mention this one?
This guy.
Pretty sure he is flexing every muscle in his body.
And someone explain how this man is running in those??
That's just not realistic, I'm sorry.

Ok that's enough on that topic.

If you read Lyndsey's Bridal Shower post
then you already have a pretty good idea of what my weekend looked like.
Click HERE for the recap if not!
Other than that, let's see here...
Bought this-
annddd BryBry bought this-
Drank these-
Went out for this guy's Birthday-
Needed this the next morning-
Annndddd made these-

And oh look! It only took 2 days for a weekend update post.
Happy almost half way through the week!
(Happy Tuesday just didn't sound as exciting)


  1. Did you see the Go Daddy commercial with the model making out with the chubby nerd? I'm cringing thinking about it LOL

    Those meatballs look delish!!

  2. I completely agree - the day after the Super Bowl should be a national holiday! Especially after all the food/alcohol everyone consumes!