Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Paula Paula Deen, YALL!

I just love me some Paula Deen.
On my recent trip to Savannah, it was an outright NECESSITY
that not only do we make a pit stop at the gift shop, but that we dine at
Paula's restaurant, The Lady & Sons.
Just when I didn't think it was possible to put butter on butter?
Naturally, we had to snap a pic next to the life sized Paula cutout.

Ok onnnnn to the foodie portion of this post!
On last night's menu was steak and shrimp- not just any steak and shrimp,
Paula-inspired steak and shrimp!

I picked up the Whiskey Steak Sauce at the Paula gift shop in Savannah-
along with a pink "Hey Y'all!" koozie because doesn't every girl just NEED one of those??
Anyway- BOYFRAN decided that he wanted to go shrimping late Sunday night.
So that he did.
He took off around 8PM and braved the 30 degree weather
(apparently that's the best time to go shrimping?)
and came back with tons of little shrimpies!
Enter Monday night dinner planning..
Grilled up some steaks, boiled his freshly caught shrimp and dunzo!

Juuuust a little heads up- you will see 3 more similar posts throughout the course of the week.
We decided to eat in this week, well, ok.. Monday-Thursday, in attempts to save a little monay honaaay!
Thrifty. I KNOW.

On to preparing dinner numero dos at home!


  1. Lol that title is hilarious! Good call on stopping by her restaurant. I bet everything was buttery and delicious!


  2. I love Paula Dean!

    That food looks amazing! YUM!

  3. "is butter a carb" hahaha love it. The food looks sooo good!