Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Drivers.... and Danica Patrick

Did you know that they actually say that!?
I mean if that isn't sexist- I don't know what is.
So at this point it's probably clear that we went to the Daytona 500 on Sunday.
Last year was my first experience and QUITE an experience it was!
When I think of day drinking it's either tailgating for a football game or Mimosas.
Well, I figured I couldn't go wrong if I just went ahead and combined both right?
We left the house around 4 in the morning last year and I was passed out by 9AM.
So the theme this year was pacing myself.
It's a marathon... not a sprint, Corin.
1. 3:45AM & boom. Dressed. Ready to go.
2. Paula Koooziieeee (Have I ever mentioned I love the word koozie ? )
3. Oh that's just me. Pacing myself.
Insert straw in champagne bottle and INSTANT PARTY!
4. Bubs :)
5. Vrrooooommm! So close!
6. Really kind of impressed with Bry's dad's photog skills!

So to conclude this post, I just don't know that I'm totally cut out for NASCAR.
I know, I know. I totally fooled you with my rhinestoned sunglasses,
 monogrammed camo tee and my mini bottles of champagne
but I just don't really fit the part!
Reasoning, you ask?
1. If someone asks you who you're rooting for and you reply
with "I don't know yet! I'll let you know on the last lap."
NASCAR probably isn't for you.
2. If you would rather chew your arm off than step foot
in a portopotty that has been used by hundreds of drinking rednecks who
probably just had a full plate of biscuits and gravy from Cracker Barrel. BARFFFF.
NASCAR probably isn't for you. 
3. If the sight of mullets and cutoff jean shorts makes you shutter.
NASCAR probably isn't for you. 
And most importantly....
4. If you have the attention span of a friggin goldfish..
then honey, watching 200 left turns over the course of FOUR HOURS-
it's just not for you!

Yes, friends, I have just described myself to a T.
I just cannot stress enough that I am a highly distracted person.

Anyway! So yeah the Daytona 500! There you have it folks. :) 

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