Wednesday, November 28, 2012

550. Million. Dollars.

For those of who who are not Floridians,
the Florida Lotto is up to $550 MILLION DOLLARS for tonight's drawing. 

I have the World's WORST luck so I don't expect to win millions
I have been thinking all day the last 5 minutes about what I would do with that much money.
So I have taken the liberty of spending WHOEVER THE LUCKY WINNER MAY BE's money below.. 

FIRST I would like an island! Yes, an island.
And on that island I would like an exotic, open mansion that has an infinity pool going into the OCEAN.
Speaking of mansions, I would also like a massive cabin in the mountains in North Carolina
and a gorgeous penthouse in New York City with a KILLER VIEW.

Mercedes G Wagon. Yes, I'll take a couple of those, thank you.

Basically... the goal would be to wind up as
spoiled as THESE ladies... who seem to have EVERYTHING

Speakkiingggg of Adrienne!
I'll take a sports team too- New Orleans to be exact!

I would definitely shower this little peanut with gifts...
I'm thinking Jakey-Baby would love love love 
an equally fabulous house... 

I would also open pet adoption shelters EVERYWHERE.
Some place where they get treated with love and spoiled like they should be
until they find permanent homes.
Nothing breaks my heart more than the dogs that sit in kennels at the pound
because they aren't cute, fluffy puppies. Ugghhhh.

Ok... kind of tired of spending already :/
I'll just take a million if that's at all possible!

Wish me luck!

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