Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What I'm Loving- Cookie Swap Parties! EEE!

in my most obnoxious Regina's-mom-voice

Time to link up for another WILW with __ 
annddd this week it is safe to say I'm obsessing over loving
holiday party decor, more specifically cookie exchange party ideas.
My girlfriends and I did one last year and I am
on the Pinterest-hunt for ideas for this years'.

I *love* the idea of cutesy little boxes
for guests to take their treats home in. 

Whooooo doesn't *love* them some printables??!
I like these chevron printables that guests can cast
their cookie votes on- best tasting, most unique, most creative.
Cute, cute, cute!

I think I will be adding these little babies
to my To Bake list for the swap.
White chocolate covered candy cane Oreos. *Love*

Also *loving* these cookie cutter favors
with a "thank you" and the host's favorite
cookie recipe attached.
Haven't decided if this would be cute for a party
favor or for co-workers!

You'd be a fool if you didn't *love*
this hot chocolate bar idea! Set up a little
area with hot cocoa, some marshmellows,
some sweet little stirrers and if you're feeling 
super cray you could even spike the hot chocolate.

Fiiiiinally, I do *love* a good holiday beverage!
What the heck is any holiday party with a cute cocktail?

Go link up and enjoy this faaaabulous Wednesday! 

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