Monday, November 26, 2012

Weekend Update [Thanksgiving/ FL-FLState Edition]

I would rather enter the Hunger Games than get dressed
in a suit and heels and walk into the office Monday after Thanksgiving.
Today's energizing cocktail consisted of a sugar free red bull AAAAND
a quick chaser of 5 Hour Energy.
Yes, it's that bad.
Unfortunately in the lovely World of SALES,
everyday is 110% so I shall make this post snappy so I can hurry up
and go close some deals! 

After work on Wednesday, I loaded down the car with
my boyfriend, my dog and every pair of brown boots I owned
(3 pairs of heeled boots, my Ariat cowboy boots and the Uggs to be exact)
and we were Ocala bound by 5:30!

I mentioned in my Thanksgiving post that I love
Thanksgiving Eve because it is literally a mini HS reunion.
Don't get me wrong, Ocala is a small town- but with 7 different
high school and an a cray-cray group of friends, downtown Ocala is poppin. 
Thanksgiving day was GORGEOUS in Ocala.
68 degrees and a great day to throw the football around
with my 8 year old nephew...
in between stuffing my face with GBCass and mashed potatoes.

Friday I actually had quite a bit of work to do
but I did manage to grab lunch with my parents and be on
the road *TALLY BOUND* by 5 to see my bestfriend and 
watch my Gators play on Saturday!
We ate dinner at Bella Bella then started to hop around
to a few local bars. I'm not a huge fan of Tallahassee but
I LOVE their bar crowd- all super laid back and casual. 
We tailgated for a few hours and then headed to a bar next
to the stadium to watch the game. 
We cheered. We cried. We talked trash.
Bottom line. Gators won :)
Which is directly related to fact that I have no voice this morning.
[Insert obnoxious Gator chomp HERE]

Sunday was spent recuperating and drivingggggg.
Especially after a holiday!
Did everyone just turn into a raging Jeff Gordon all of a sudden??
I'm a huge fan of the car who gets RIGHT ON MY BUMPER
and flashes their lights to move over.
Are you kidding me.
You are getting brake checked, my friend.

Anyway, may you all have a lovely Monday
and I will be re-living my Thanksgiving dinner experience at lunch time
since I brought left overs. Weeeeeeeeeee!

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  1. Obnoxiously Gator chomping right back atcha! :) Your gameday outfit is beautiful!!