Sunday, November 18, 2012

Short and Sweet-ish

Nothing like that Sunday night feeling after
a weekend of activities and you jusssssst sat
down after dinner to relax watch some football.
Am I right or am I right??

I'm going to make this as short as possible 
because I'm ready to bundle up with my man and
the rest of my Sea Dog blueberry beer.
Side note! To the central Florida craft
beer distributors- why have you stopped 
stocking our little shelves with this fabulous product ?
Is it because you're on to my secret that I drink all of the products ?
Fair enough.

I spent Friday night in Ocala at my parents' house-
finishing up my crafts for Mandy's shower on Saturday,
watching my niece and nephew, catching up with my mama and....
...drinking wine clearly.

Saturday morning was Mandy's Gator-themed bridal shower at Katy's lake house.
Cutest invites, LIKE EVER, yes? 

That night Bry, his parents and I went on the casino
cruise ship that left out of Cocoa- HOLLAAAAAAA!
That doesn't mean I won.
I'm actually terrible at gambling-
especially black jack because I'm waayyy too impulsive
and may or may not have a problem saying hit when I mean stay.
Eh :/ Oops. 

Today Bryan's mom and I started Christmas shopping..
EEEEEEE! :):):)
..while him and his Dad went fishin.
I snagged quite a few gifts as well as started a mental list
of what to put on my list to Santa (ie. Bryan. ie. Mom and Daddaaayy.
ie. Brother and sister in law?? ie. Anyone who reads this.)
Including but not limited to:
Classic southern dessert cookbook by Southern Living
New leather "saddle" bar stools for kitchen
Paris blue armoire mirror
Okay I realize now I could probably do this for quite a while.
Anywhooooo- currently on Blue Paw #2 and ready for some SNF with the
owner of those ridiculously hairy 'ol legs in the following photo:

Hope your Sunday evening is equally full of 65 degree weather, 
blueberry beer deliciousness and footballllll!

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