Saturday, November 10, 2012

Brisk Weather, Seat Warmers and... BOSTON THIS WEEKEND!

Well HEY THERE-- happy Friday yall :)
Prepare yourselves for an obnoxiously CHEERFUL
edition of Friday Letters....

Dear Seat Warmers, I am IMPRESSED.
You see, I bought myself a new car back in May...
...a drastic upgrade from a 2001 Mustang, I know.
The whole concept of being able to have a warmed tush 
on my ride to work on brisk mornings such as these is just mind blowing.

Dear Starbucks, you busted out the holiday cups!
I want to thank you for putting the pressure on to begin Christmas shopping.
I may sound irritated but I'm actually thrilled that it's acceptable to
start getting excited about Christmas. To the shopping center
parking lots who also decided to grace us with holiday decor, BRAVVVOOO!
Loving it!

Dear Mom, YOUR holiday cheer is a tad contagious.
[Please see above my Mother's FB status as of 2 days ago.]
I'll be home next weekend and I won't be surprised when I see
you have most likely already hung Christmas lights. 
Also, note the similar obnoxious "YAYYYYYYYY."
I am so you.

Dear Boyfriend, as of this Sunday we will have been
dating for SEVEN YEARS. As a senior in high school who just
so happen to fall for a cute football player from a rival school,
I had no idea that seven years later I would still have the fortune
of calling you my best friend and my World. 
Despite everything that you have going on right now
(and I know you have a TON going on) you still manage
to keep me the happiest girl in the HISTORY OF EVER.
I love you :)

Dear BOSTON!!!!! Ok. I CAN NOT wait to spend the 
weekend with you! I can't wait to step foot in your fabulous
chilly weather and partake in your brewery tours.
I won't ask too much of you, other than-
please make sure your cobblestone streets be nice to my
pretty heeled boots. No one like a face plant. :/
Also possibly throw me a quick snow day this Saturday??!

See you after my return!
I promise to take a ton of pics :):)

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