Monday, November 12, 2012

Little bit of History and a TON of beer..

Well, Happy Monday friends! 
We are back from our 48 hour Boston mini vaca..
..and can I just say ?
Thank GOD Bryan and I are on the same page vacation-wise.
I am all for weekend getaways,
but 5 nights away from my own bed, little Jake and not answering my cell phone ? 
Week-long vacations aren't really on the agenda
when you have a full-blown sales job and own a business.
So we left BRIGHT AND EARLY Sat AM and basically
ran to our first bar after checking in to our hotel- which was gorgeous by the way.

The bars were A-MAZING.
I think there's something like 700 bars within 5 miles?
We went to half of those.
Just keedinng! We did go to a ton though!
We had to go to Cheers because we're just tourists like that.
Bell in Hand Tavern is one of the World's oldest bars.
Basically the bartender gave us a super quick history lesson:
our founding fathers used to get wasted here.
[history lesson complete]
It was so neat just walking around and we talked to people
at almost every bar. Typical, I know. I don't shut up.
I also recommend ordering pumpkin ales with a
sugar/cinnamon rim from now on. SO. DELISH.

I was also told a number of times that there is nothing
like just walking around, getting lost in a city.
That is, hands down, the best way to see Boston.
Other than dinner reservations (see fabulous dinner photos below)
and planning to meet up with a few of our friends
later in the night, we had nothing set in stone.
We knew a couple landmarks that we wanted to see but that was about it.
Once you get the hang of the Subway system, you're good to go.
Point in case above.
Had we not been roaming the streets of Boston semi-drunk,
we would have never had our photo op with Ben Franklin
whose actual name was Dick on his business card.
Yes, he gave me a business card.
Mike's Pastry was another divine find- compliments
to my friend Mandy who used to live in Boston for recommending we go grab a cannoli. 

And then, my favorite part of the trip.. Harpoon Brewery! :)
We love love LOVE Harpoon products and carry a ton of their
beers at Brew. We were super excited to take the tour.
The brewery is located in south Boston and they run tours
of about 30-40 people every half hour. 
They start you off with an IPA, which is always a nice way to start off-
They walk you through the brewing and fermentation process
(so cool even if you're not a bar owner)
and then stop in the warehouse to watch the bottling/keg filling
processes which was also awesome. 
Then you head back into the main bar area for the tasting
which is basically like a 30 minute power hour.
All for 5 bucks.
Money well spent!
We drank a tonnnn then had to grab some souvenirs. 
Bry and I both got ourselves and one of our bartenders
Harpoon shirts and got another bartender an iPhone case
that has a bottle opener on the back. If that's not cool, I don't know what is. 

Saturday night we ate dinner at Top of the Hub which is
a really nice restaurant at the top of the Prudential Center.
Bryan got talked into ordering an organic Cucumber Mojito
..jaw dropped..
Keep in mind! This is a guy who refuses to step foot into a Starbucks
or Panera Bread for fear that he may look homosexual. Really ?
The view was KILLER.
The restaurant overlooks back bay and when I googled 
"dinner with a view boston" 
this is exactly what I had in mind.
I would definitely recommend eating dinner there if
you're down for dropping $200 on dinner.
But well worth it.
Thennnn we met up with our friends Sanam and her boyfriend Tom
and a few of their friends- who moved to Boston a few months ago.
We celebrated her 26th at a Storyville, a nightclub in downtown Boston
that was like a REAL NIGHT CLUB-
by that I mean there was a suuuuper long line of people in hopes that
they would be let in at the door.
[ie. scene from Knocked Up..]
"You're just a doorman, DOOR MAN."
That just doesn't happen in Orlando.

By Sunday morning, we were hurtin'.
We quickly sucked it up and downed a bloody mary followed
by a few flights at John Harvard's Brewery, where we ate
lunch over by the university.
Thennnnn  I got my Elle Woods on at Harvard!
That campus is REEE-DIC.
Everyone just plain LOOKED like a genius.
You wont find a ton of great college bars over
here because you can bet your sweet butt the campus
is full of students just trying not to blow it.

Once we FINALLY figured out where the hell we were going,
it was pretty much time to start making our way back to the hotel
to grab our bags.
Once we left Harvard we headed over to Bunker Hill
for one more little piece of history and the CUTEST little
apartments ever. The top left photo I snapped in hopes that you could
see all the little flower pots residents had sat out
in front of their doors- so cute! 
Then we made the 294 step HIKE up to the top of Bunker Hill-
Finally we grabbed some CHOWDAH at Sail Loft on the harbor
and headed to the airport.
We. Were. Exhausted.

SOME weekend update, ehh??
Ok :) Now I'm going to go back and re-read this
post and re-live the weekend. Bleeehhhh.
RHOBH tonight wooooo!

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  1. LOVE BOSTON! I was just looking at your 'about' page and saw that you live in Florida! I was raised most of my life there (central FL, yes near UCF, lol).