Wednesday, January 2, 2013

13 in '13!

Happy New Year, kittens!
Hope everyone else's week is as screwed up as mine is-
thank you, holiday right smack in the middle of the week, for being able to
 make that happen.
Oh? Everyone else was off work except me? That's nice!

So instead of making resolutions this year I wanted to make a list of
13 things I wanted to accomplish in '13- think of it as my take on
30 before 30, which I refuse to partake in. 
Can I still enjoy my early 20's? Is 24 even still considered "early" ? Whatever.

So!, in no particular order, I give you my 13 priorities in 2013:

2. Be a Role Model for my Niece and Nephew
3. Work Out 3 x's a Week
4. Design a Family Recipe Book
5. Be More Organized (basically, an acceptable form of OCD)
6. Do More Outdoorsy Things with B- hunt, fish, bike :)
7. Take at least 3 Vacations
8. Eat Healthier
9. Be a Top Performer in my Company
10. Document More, via pictures and blogging
11. Try a New Project/Recipe Every Week 
("there's a link-up for that")
12. Cook Dinner 4 nights a Week (more on this later)
13. Implement a Plan to Buy a House

Not bad, right?!
I honestly love the feeling of a New Year! 
My only actual RESOLUTION is to have that same feeling EVERY day.

Us on New Year's! Blow Thinggyyy!

Happy 2013!


  1. Saving money is my number one goal as well...aka no more shopping sprees!

  2. I need to save money too...and somehow still be able to go on vacation! I'm a new follower :)

    The Tiny Heart