Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Birthday Boyyyyy!

Well, welcome back sweet thangs :)

Let me begin this post by requesting that you eliminate
all forms of judgement prior to reading any further....

Good? Good! Now we can proceed. 

This past weekend was Jakey Baby's  6th BIRTHDAY!!!!
Yes, we celebrate pet birthdays around here.

I didn't have time to make him any homemade treats
and could NOT find a pet boutique that was open on Sundays so I headed to 
PetSmart and found, quite possibly, the cutest little thing ever:
Pup Pies! Complete with a "Happy Birthday" pick, duh.

He opened a couple prezzies from Mom & Dad:

If you have 3 minutes to spare and the patience to listen to me
saying "Get it Jake!" a gazillion times (OBNOXIOUS)
 you can watch this video of him opening one of them:
Good LAWD can you imagine me on Christmas
morning with a real child ??

Annnndddd then he dug right into his Birthday Cake-
which smelled fabulous, by the way.
I was semi-tempted to break a piece off to sample
until I got the "what the hell is wrong with you"
look from Bryan.
Which is a look I know all to well.
Moving on!
So other than my sweet boy's birthday, it was a pretty low key weekend.
Friday night went unpictured and Saturday
I headed out to one of the venues that Bryan and my company staff
bartenders for- the Birdsong Barn.

How gorgeous is this place??

Anyways! I know it's a tad bit late- but don't forget to
link up for weekend updates with Sami!



  1. Aw I love this! I totally celebrate my pups birthday! I don't care what anyone says, she's like my daughter lol. I love the name tag and the cake you got Jake, they're too cute! I'm gonna have to find that cake when my pups birthday rolls around.


  2. I love that you celebrated your pups birthday! We do it every year and people think we're nuts. Its nice to see other "normal" people.