Friday, January 18, 2013

Somethin' bout a truuuck

Ohh, Kip Moore, your voice.
But this post is not about Kip Moore. No. 
It's not even about Justin Moore, who I am EQUALLY obsessed with.
Fun Fact: Did you know that they have NO relation to one another ? 
I blame Bryan for fabricating that lie. 

Anywhooo (yes I'm blogging on a Friday night and 
using the word "anywho," can we say dorrrkkkk?) 
among all of the toys that we purchased in 2012
2012 was an abnormally successful year mmmmkk?
a new truck for Bryan was not one of them.
So yesterday, he decides, was the day to look.
So off to the dealership we go.
If I sound less than enthused, it's because I was.
Car shopping is. the. worst. 

There was the obbbbvious lush when we first walked in:

The special edition Black Ops F-150
Um hhaaaayyyyy

There were quite a few sessy Chevys but Bryan
didn't like how small the cab-size was compared to the Fords. 
Surely he was referring to being a taxi for friends back and 
forth from tailgates to concerts to bars having children.

Then we spotted a beautiful, power stroke 
(yeah I don't know what that means either)
white, Ford F-250. 
He was immediately obsessed.

He jumped right in and man, did he look good!

Girlfriend approves!

We test drove the beast and sat down to talk numbers.
And no truck shopping experience is complete without a
pink, bedazzled calculator to negotiate with.
Boom :)
So now! We wait. 
He's still contemplating and we should know early next week if it's a YES!

Meanwhile.. I promise I have plans tonight.
They involve multiple bottles of wine and a movie that
I will likely not sleep after watching.


  1. I. Love. Kip Moore.
    And trucks.

    I always wanted a white Silverado...maybe someday when I have a million kids this will come true!

  2. HAHA I love the pink calc! If it brings you good luck, I might need to borrow it when we decide to go get my hubby a new truck! :)