Monday, January 21, 2013

A 21 Year Old I am Not

Mornin frans!
Is anyone else draggginngggg butt this morning?
Just me?! 
Oh ok! Moving right along.. 
I really need to quit partaking in Sunday Funday football BBQ's.
I mean really.

Linking up with the lovely Sami again for a quick little recap on my weekend happenings:

1. Kicked off girl's wine night with SURPRISE! some gorgggeous
tulips from one of my bests :)
2. Gel Nails. I am obsessed. 
3. Mama! Still regretting my decision to see this movie.
It was obviously a late night (see stub time) drunken decision
that we thought would be a good time after 3 bottles of vino.
It was not.
4. Saturday was National Gun Appreciation Day!
And because we so firmly believe in the right to bear arms-
not to be confused with the right to arm bears
we chose to celebrate by taking the new rifle out shootin.
Trying to find a place to shoot in this stupid city?
Mission: Almost-Impossible. 
5. Honey Boo Boo shots. That's correct.
We went out Saturday night and when it was announced that
for the next 10 minutes they would be running a special for
"2-for-1 Honey Boo Boo shots" Bryan basically threw people
out of the way to get to a bartender. 
Needless to say her special juice did not help me win that night. 
6. Boyfriend & his besty! Love these boys! 
Annddddd I clearly didn't get the plaid memo?

What did we learn this weekend, ladies ?
Well. I am no longer that 21 year old 
little ball of glitter that I used to be.
How did I go out 5 nights a week, attend class and work ??
I have decided that major drinking nights 
must fall into one of the following categories: **
(mine, Bryan's, best friends, Bryan's best friend's, parents', 
niece's, nephew's, Britney Spears's, pet's, annyybody else..?)
Bachelorette Parties
Alchohol-related holidays
(St. Patrick's Day/Cinco de Mayo/4th of July-
Yes. I consider 4th of July a drinking holiday. I guess
it has something to do with the fact that I associate drinking with explosives?)
Football Games
Luke Bryan Concerts

**The chances of this list growing in the next 4-5 days is likely.

So that's it.
If it doesn't fall into one of those categories,
I'm sticking to 2 beers and I'm calling it a night by 10.

Have a fab Monday and go link up with 
the other lushes of the weekend update blog hop!


  1. Whattttt on earth is a Honey Boo Boo shot?! I'm intrigued! Also, I totally feel ya on not being 21 anymore. Holy Hangover :(

    1. Haha- are you ready for it? Jack Honey, Cran & Sour. Gagggggg.

  2. I wish I could still party like I'm 21 too. I still don't know how I used to do it! We're getting old!!