Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Face the Facts

Linkin up with yoga-pants wearin Whitnaayy today for this exciting post!
Basically the way she described the way this little linkup was suppose to go down was:
 assume you are a theme park and your park employees are to
share a slew of "fun facts" about you- what would they be? 

Sounds fun, sold!

Anyway, without further adieu, I bring you the facts of mooii-
1. My Mom is my best friend.
I'm not sure when exactly this happened- somewhere in between
being a saucy little 16 year old and Patron shots in Vegas for my birthday one year.
Seriously, my mom, my best friend and I got asked to leave
the family side of the pool "if we were going to continue pounding drinks."
Quite positive it happened when I left for college.
I would go back home and start throwing back glasses of wine with her
and one night I was like- dang Mom, you're kind of a good time!

2. I have been dating my boyfriend for SEVEN YEARS.
No, we are not engaged.
And I am okay with that :)
Don't get me wrong, I am by no means a "life partner" typa girl.
And I can assure you that I have a wedding board on Pinterest
that is just bursting at the seams like every other girl with ideas that 
I am hoarding for later.
Maybe he has a few tricks up his sleeve for 2013? Who knows! ;)
Either way, love this man and wouldn't trade 'em for anything!

3. We own a craft beer and wine bar in Orlando FL.
Probably sounds a LOT more exciting than it really is.
It is hard work. I also have a sales job which consumes my week days
from around 6AM until 6 at night. Then it's off to the bar for 
scheduling, orders, inventory etc ettcccc. 
Little did I realize when we first opened up that I couldn't 
exactly drink IPA's and Sea Dog Blue Paws the way I 
used to drink Bud Lights. 
Hence the excessive gym sessions as of lately.
Anyway! Still have a long way to go from a business
owner stand-point but Lorrrddd are we learning something new everyday
and we DID just celebrate our one year anniversary 
of being open- one down mannyyy more to go!

4. I am loud. Too loud. 
I have no idea why this picture turned out blue by the way ? 
Pretty sure I can blame my Italian roots for this 
astounding quality. I remember getting U's on conduct
reports in elementary school because I literally never shut my mouth.
It's not something I'm proud of but they're suppose to be facts, no?
I thought we were in the nest, are we not?
Which brings me to my next fun little fact..

5. I quote Mean Girls, Old School, Wedding Crashers and
Anchor Man waayy way way too much. 
6. I am a pink-loving, glitter-covered Tom Boy.
Does that make sense? Not so much?
I'll elaborate.
Basically I love this:
but still love this:
I shoot these:
but I also enjoy this:

6. I live for throwing parties, showers, any type of get-togethers!
I would turn a yard sale into a themed blow out block party bash if I could.
I would honestly consider a career in party planning but Pinterest has
made it kind of pointless to hire anyone. 

So there you have 'em!
Some fun facts of yours truly :)

I could probably drag on... and on and on and on..
but I wont do that to you.

Now go link up HERE
 and "tour the theme parks" of these other lovely ladies!


  1. I'm hosting a baby shower in March, and I need you to come decorate/bake the cake/organize it. Haha! Kidding, but semi-serious. ;-) loved your facts!

  2. I am everything you described in number 6 - From the Champs to the Camo Gator hat. Why aren't we besties? Also, WHERE is your bar???

  3. My favorite movies are Mean Girls and Anchorman...pretty sure I could recite both word for word! I cant wait for the second Anchorman to come out this year!!

  4. EKKKKK I'm so excited to meet a fellow Orlando girl!!! And I am LOVING the gator hat! I'm actually from Gainesville so I looovvee the gators! And your mom seriously sounds like such a good time LOL!


  5. Were all those parties planned by you? I really wanna get into party planning, but since I've decided that no one I know has wanted a damn party! ha.

  6. that picture in a pool makes me so jealous! I am so tired of snow :-)