Sunday, January 6, 2013

Marriage Madness

Annnddddd wedding season is officially kicking off! 

This past weekend was Jeremy & Morgan.
St. Augustine wedding weekend recap coming soon!
how amazing is this photo, by the way?

Lyndsey & Kyle are in February.

Mandy & Thomas are in March.

Joanna & Andrew are in April. 

Also, Chris & Tiff just announced that they have set a date!
Thaaaat's correct, folks!
On October 26th, 2013 Bryan and I will get to stand next to 2 of our best
friends as they exchange their vows.

Since we are on the topic!
I wanted to share a couple super cutie wedding gifts that 
are way better than a BB&B gift card or cash... ok nothing is wrong with cash.
But know what's better than cash??

How adorable is this serving tray with matching coasters?

You can order a custom door hang from Etsy and change out the ribbon.
Lovvveeeee thisssss.

Also loving this monogrammed chevron 
(I love it when those two words are used to describe the same object)
pillow! Again, Etsy! 

I foresee several Etsy transactions taking place.

Don't you worry your pretty little faces- I'll keep you all
posted over the next couple of months.
Bring on the champagne & celebrations!

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