Tuesday, January 8, 2013

St Augstine Wedding Weekend via Instagram

 Linkin' up with Sami (sorry I'm laaate!) for the weekend update!
St. Augustine edition woopwooooooooop!

So I mentioned yesterday that basically the next 4 months will
be spent celebrating one of my girlfriends' weddings
and this PAST weekend was the official kick off.

And if you follow me on IG I was a postin' FOOL.

We arrived late Friday and headed straight to Scarlet O'Haras.
Definitely one of the coolest bars in St. Aug!

After trying to finish what seemed like a 
gazillion oysters, we wrapped up and walked down
to Sangria's to meet up with some of the wedding party-
well, those ballsy enough to partake in a cray night of drinking
prior to THE BIG DAY. Yes. That also meant the groom.
Followed by bed.

Saturday was wedding day! The ceremony was at the cathedral
in downtown St. Augustine (holy Catholic wedding- but it was beautiful) and the reception took place at the River House. Which was on the river. 
Yes I did just say that.
We celebrated. We ate. We drank. Too much.
Then all the youngins went out to A1A Ale Works,
which was the coolest little dive bar/brewery.
Have I mentioned that I am in the process of 
OBSESSING over Sweetwater 420 Pale Ale??
I am. 
It started in Tallahassee and since then I am seeing a TON
of little places carrying this delicious-ness.

Sunday was spent recovering and, well, drinking Bloody Marys of course.
We headed to Conch House which has all the little huts over the water.
It was freezing but we were determined, damnit!

If you're a Florida/Georgia-area follower,
remember those elementary school field trips
to the fort in St. Augustine??
It seemed HUGE, did it not?!
16 years later I realize that is not the case.
So we made our way over to that massive disappointment
and watched them fire the cannons. 
Also shopped around a bit and bought this little gem!
I have seen these Lenny & Eva cuffs online but *had*
to have this one when I saw it! 

I LOVED St. Augustine- I can't believe
I haven't been back there since I was, what? 8??

So there you have it folks!
One wedding weekend down- 349872476 more to go!


  1. Where is your necklace from in the blue dress??!? I. want.

  2. Thank youuuuu :) Isn't it so fun?! Francesca's Collection!