Friday, January 4, 2013

My FREE Outfit from Francesca's Collection!

Oh I grabbed your attention, did I?
Was it the usage of the word "FREE" or "outfit from Francesca's Collection" ??
If you're a girl of my own heart- you would probably drop what you're doing
at the sight of..

Ok let me clarify!
So, per THIS POST, I'm suppose to be saving money or as
Meggan from Trying to Make Fetch Happen so eloquently put-
refraining from shopping sprees :)
Well this girl has a wedding to attend this weekend, so naturally,
I wanted a new outfit.
But what's that? I'm not suppose to be shopping?
How does one achieve a new outfit without spending money?
I needed a loop hole.
I'm in sales, people. I'm the Queen of loop holes.
And yes, it is Day #4 of the new year and I'm already looking for loop holes. 

So basically I went through my closet and grabbed a bunch of clothes
that I don't wear anymore-
Enter Plato's Closet
and BAM! Cleaned out my closet a little bit AND got $40 bucks
for a bunch of tops and dresses that I wouldn't exactly miss.
Win, Win!
Ok maayyybbeee five or six one or two of Bryan's Guess 
button ups made it into the pile ? 
Shhhhhh! So I walk into Francesca's after my super successful
experience at Plato's and ohhh looook! They're having a 
"sale on sale!"
Translation? Suuuuper cheap!
Got this outfit (cobalt one-shoulder dress and silver
statement necklace) for $35!
And yes, that is a fabulous monogram clutch that
Santy-Clause brought me for Christmas.
Here's a couple other things I have my eye on at FC's:

Ok yall- wish me luck at this wedding.
It's suppose to be chilly in St. Augustine and I clearly
wasn't anticipating for that.

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  1. loving the new outfit!

    I have that necklace from franchescas, the mint one, and I LOVE IT!

    Thanks for being my 100th follower! I'm following back!