Thursday, January 10, 2013

ORGANIZATION.. or lack there of: Super Quick DIY

I. Am. Dying.
It's is the 10th day in January, which means that I have not
written in a planner or "penciled" anything in for almost two weeks.
Needless to say, I am planner-obsessed. 
I have had a chunky, 3-ring Vera Bradley stuffed in my purse,
at any given time, for the past 6 years. 
This year I passed on Vera, which I seem to be doing quite often lately,
and purchased myself a May Book.
It has yet to arrive.

I write down every meeting, every appointment, every birthday,
every "to do" in that baby! The past ten days? Not so much. 
I have MY sales job, and then the business that Bryan & I own, 
all of which have gone unscheduled since December 30th 2012.
I miss the writing, the scheduling and, of course, the doodling and highlighting.

May Book, where areeeeeeeeeee youuuu? :(

In the meantime I needed something quick!
I resorted to Pinterest, surely they must have something I can print out that's cute?

Original Pin:

I printed two of these damn things, thinking
"SWEET JESUS it better not be 2 more weeks until my planner arrives."

Check out Creative Blog for a bunch of other cutie printables that you can jazz up!

I know, I know- kind of a ridiculous SPD project.
Next week will be better Stephanie & Katie! :)

Go check out some other fabulous probably more exciting than mine ideas!

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  1. I'm alllll about new ways to organize so I loved this!! Hope your MayBook comes in soon!! Thank you for linking up with us!