Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Eat the Damn Cupcake

Sometimes I go off on a rant, blabbing about
my weekend happenings, outfits, Pinterest, blah blah blaahh- but it's posts like these that remind you why my blog is titled Corin BAKES.
I believe baking is fun.
I believe cupcakes are exciting.
I believe...

Yes, even if that means spending hours on end in the gym 
workin off that delicious 500 cal treat.
But that's just me :)

So Kristen from work- well, we call her Kiki but just to save 
myself from telling a story behind the name- for time's sake, we'll stick to Kristen.
Kristen's son, Kohen, was celebrating his 5th birthday and
wanted to roll with the Star Wars theme.
I love jumping on the opportunity to make cakes and cupcakes
that aren't super girly- which is what I feel like I make 99.998% of the time.
[ie- Angry Bird or Ninjago cupcakes- both for my nephew]
So I was more than thrilled when she asked me to make
Kohen's Star Wars cake & cupcakes. 


You know how I just love playing with fondant.
Right? :)

I give you, the Star Wars cake:
French Vanilla with homemade cream cheese frosting!
MmmMM mmmm mmmm. 

And we can't forget the light saber cupcakes that I was
mildly freaking out about! 
Chocolate cupcakes, buttercream frosting, topped with candy-covered pretzel sticks. 
I was like "Kiki are you suuuurrreee the kids will know these
are supposed to be light sabers?!" Kids are super blunt and let's just say
I have been a tad sensitive lately.
Nope, they totally knew what they were supposed to be.
Oh that 5-year-old imagination, how I miss it.

Here's a couple more photos she snapped that day!
Pool noodles for light sabers?? Helloooo creative!
Princess Leia Buns
Singing Happy Birthday to Kohen!

Kristen said the party was a total success and is her little boy
too stinkin cute or what??

Also, did I mention I received the best compensation EVER?

A Lilly travel mug in my FAVORITE pattern- Dirty Shirley!

Accessories for treats ANY DAY OF THE WEEK!
Maybe I should make a sign??

Anyway, you will probably see a few improvements around
here in the next few weeks- ohhhh I don't know?
Maybe a new blog name? :)
I just need to find someone who can help me out with a blog design!
Annnyyyyy advice on who rocks ? 


  1. the Star Wars theme turned out AMAZING! Great job hun!!!! I do my own blog design and html so no suggestions here!

  2. Wow!!! Nice cake!!! Your blog name should be "Corin Cakes"